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Mission and Vision

To set the pace for excellence by creating a positive learning environment and developing responsible life-long learners. 

Leadership Vision
Lafayette High School (LHS) is committed to providing positive, effective leaders and exemplary teachers who will promote the LHS mission. The administration, staff and students will collaborate regularly and effectively promote high student expectations and achievement, promote student responsibility and provide high quality instruction while modeling the importance of life long learning.

Value: Pursue the school's vision with persistence, enthusiasm and patience.
Value: Establish priorities and focus that provide a sense of direction for the school.
Value: Commit to continuous improvement and provide ongoing professional development.
Value: Facilitate positive relationships between community, parents, staff and students.

Curriculum and Instruction Vision
An exemplary school provides a diverse and balanced curriculum. This balanced curriculum stimulates intellectual curiosity, requires students to demonstrate that they have learned how to learn, and enables them to become productive citizens. The school articulates the outcomes it seeks for all its students and monitors those outcomes through a variety of indicators. Teachers who facilitate instruction and monitor student outcomes are given the opportunity to collaborate, make sure curriculum meets the needs of the student, and engage in professional development. In this school:

Value: Curriculum and instruction are guided by specific, clearly stated, challenging goals for each grade level and course.
Value: Curriculum addresses mastery of academic content that integrates the acquisition of essential life skill.
Value: Curriculum and instruction enable students to broaden their perspective in order to understand and appreciate diverse cultures within the school as well as cultures and conditions beyond those of their local community.
Value: Instruction stimulates active engagement on the part of the students.
Value: Instructional strategies and curriculum recognize and provide for individual differences and interests.
Value: The academic progress of each student is closely monitored, and support is provided for those who require additional assistance.
Value: Technology is integrated in the classroom as a means to achieve specific curricular outcomes.
Value: Staff will be given the opportunity to collaborate and obtain professional development which will facilitate instruction.
Value: A positive and disciplined learning environment creates the foundation for facilitating instruction and curriculum.
Value: Teachers will develop a positive and rigorous learning environment.

Student Vision
In the final analysis, the effectiveness of any school is assessed on the basis of the conduct, character, and achievement of its students. In an exemplary school, students:

Value: Accept responsibility for their learning, decisions, and actions.
Value: Develop the skills to become more self-directed learners as they make the transition from freshman through senior year.
Value: Believe in themselves and become actively engaged in and give their best effort to academic and co-curricular pursuits and take pride in their achievements.
Value: Contribute to school and community service.
Value: Conduct themselves in a way that contributes to a safe and orderly atmosphere and ensures the rights and considerations of others, including teachers, staff, fellow students, visitors, etc.

Climate Vision
Lafayette High School identifies that the level of education at an institute of learning is held in direct correlation with the school climate in which instruction occurs. Therefore, Lafayette High School is committed to providing an environment in which students feel safe, secure, and at home. In order to afford such an atmosphere, LHS envisions a climate which provides:

Value: A comfortable, adequate, clean, and reputable facility.
Value: A safe and secure environment conducive to learning.
Value: An atmosphere emphasizing individual worth and highlighting a wide range of student achievement.
Value: An atmosphere where students and teachers will treat each other with respect.
Value: Open and professional communication among students and staff.
Value: Approachable teachers, staff, and administration.
Value: A learning environment with minimal interruptions.
Community Partnerships/Support Vision
As an exemplary school, Lafayette High School acknowledges the value of establishing and maintaining effective partnerships with the St. Joseph community. This community includes, but is not limited to: parents, residents, businesses, government agencies and other educational systems. LHS strives to develop the community's allegiance to and ownership in the school. In our school:

Value: Parents play an active role in the education of their children, monitor their children's academic performance, work with teachers to emphasize the importance of education and model a commitment to lifelong learning.
Value: The community provides the resources -personnel, facilities, materials, equipment and time -that enable LHS to offer exemplary programs.
Value: Partnerships are established with business and community activities that reinforce the relevance of the academic and co-curricular programs and provide a direct link between LHS and the workplace.
Value: The community has ready access to Lafayette's resources and facilities.