Attendance Policy



Our attendance goal is for students to miss fewer than five (5) days during the school year. Meeting that goal will support readiness for college, career, and success as a young adult. Additionally, the A+ Schools Program requirement is for students to attain 95% attendance.


A high school student shall be allowed no more than eight (8) absences per semester in any one class (this includes partial absences). Any absence from a class (including partial absences) will count toward the eight (8) absence maximum and will be noted on attendance updates. On the ninth (9) absence in any one class, the student has a possibility of losing credit for that class.  The student will need to go through the appeals process for retaining the credit.  There will be an informational letter that will be mailed home to parents.


The following are examples of absences that will count toward the eight (8) absence limit: (a) oversleeping, (b) family vacations, (c) going out of town, (d) missing the bus, (e) no ride to school, (f) needed at home, (g) personal business, (h) car trouble, (i) activity camps, (j) mission trips, (k) other absences excused by parents, (l) school suspensions in excess of 5 days, and (m) district/state contests or other school related activities in which the student is not a participant.


The following will not count toward the eight (8) absence limit with proper documentation: (a) hospitalization, (b) death in the family, (c) mandatory court date, (d) religious observance, (e) documented doctor’s appointment, (f) medically documented illness, (g) verified school counseling or office appointment, (h) documented dental/orthodontist appointment, (i) college visits (2 allowed for seniors; 1 allowed for juniors), (j) first five days of ISS or OSS, (k) school related activities in which the student is a participant.


Parents and students can monitor the record of student attendance in each semester class through the PowerSchool Portal. Additionally, attendance reports and letters will be mailed home at set increments each semester based on the number of absences per class


When a student has recorded four (4) absences in any class during a semester, they will attend a principal conference during school. When a student has recorded five (5) absences in any class during a semester their parent or guardian will receive a phone call from school from a school official (administrator, counselor, or social worker). When a student has recorded six (6) absences in any class during a semester a parent conference will be requested that includes the parent, student, teacher(s), counselor, and administration. A report will be mailed on student absence seven (7) or more each semester.


Appeal Process

If the student or parent feels that justifiable or extraordinary circumstances have contributed to not meeting the attendance expectation, the student and parent may appeal to the Attendance Review Committee at their assigned secondary school. If a request for an appeal form is not completed and filed with the principal within ten business days from date of the letter, the decision to not award credit will stand.


The request for a waiver should include documentation of illness, funeral or family emergency from a medical doctor, dentist, minister or other official source. The student and his or her parents may present evidence that the student has missed fewer absences than the district’s records show or that an absence should have been exempted. The review by the Attendance Review Committee shall be held within a reasonable time following the end of the semester.


The Attendance Review Committee will consider the reasons for all of the student’s absences. The committee will consider all relevant information including whether the appeal form was returned to the building principal within ten business days from the date of notification and if the student has supplied reasons for each absence with appropriate documentation. Appeals must be heard and a decision rendered before a student may participate in graduation exercises. The outcome from the Attendance Review Committee will be communicated to the parents by phone and by written communication.


Possible outcomes from an appeal to the Review Committee include:

(a) Credit not awarded.

(b) Credit is awarded.

(c) Student is assigned make-up time for class time missed, once made up credit will be awarded.

(d) Student is placed on probation for the next semester, with credit held pending satisfactory attendance during the probationary period.





If a student misses class on the date of a contest, competition, or after school event without being excused by the principal, he/she shall be considered ineligible to participate or attend on that date. The attendance and eligibility guidelines below can also be found in the SJSD Athletic Handbook.

1. All students who represent the school in activities must attend school for the full day of classes in order to participate.

2. Students must be in regular attendance for the full day of the activity scheduled unless the activity is in another city and it is necessary that the student is absent for travel and participation, or, if the activity is scheduled on a date when school is not in session.

3. A full day of attendance is defined as being in school prior to the end of the first-class period of the day. If a student misses class without being excused by the principal, the student shall be considered ineligible on that date.

4. An absence will prevent the student from participation on the day of the absence and it will prevent the student from competing or participating until a full day of classes has been attended.

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